Listen to Howard Stern on iPhone or Android Phone

Get the Sirius iPhone or Android App to Listen to Howard Stern

Howard Stern signed a new 5 year deal and so iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android owners can finally start subscribing to him on the internet or listen to him on your phone using 4G, HPSA+, Wimax or LTE.  I download the Sirius mobile application and then was prompted to call customer service and subscribe for $2.99 per month extra on top of my contract.  Sirius has always had questionable customer service and would recommend being patience to get access to your streaming content.  The company seems to be extra paranoid about digital rights management and piracy of its content.  This is one reason you won't find the app in the Android or iPhone marketplace.

We made a prediction in 2009 that Howard Stern would leave Sirius for Pandora but its likely he simply used their existence as leverage with Mel Karmazim to negotiate his new deal.  Satellite distribution for the content is not longer necessary as companies like Clearwire, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and AT&T expand their 4G networks. We get a lot of people who find our web site via Google searches looking for Sirius coverage maps  so coverage must be spotty in some areas.  I have heard they plan to add a few new Satellites to their current fleet but don't know any other details.  However, no longer do you need a device hooked up in your car to Satellite if you have 4G, HSPA+ or LTE on your phone.  However, if you are still one of the few people who don't have a smartphone you can buy one of these devices for your home or your car and get his voice delivered via satellite.

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