Carriers Releasing WiFi Security Propaganda to Promote 4G

4G Wireless Propaganda is a PR strategy aimed at influencing the attitude of consumers towards believing the accessing data over WiFi is not secure and 4G is.  The carriers have to start releasing articles like his one "Amazon cloud can help hack WiFi networks - expert" to promote fear into the minds of wireless consumers.  Carriers are not presenting the facts about WiFi because it would be a disservice to their business models which are essentially competing with free.   Carriers are hoping to change the groundswell of WiFi users in order to influence the industry towards their expensive and often inferiors solutions for data connectivity.  WiFi vs 4G is now in the early stages of political warfare and I hope that all geeks understand this and read every "fear" article with a grain of salt.

We attending CES this week and 4G is now starting to get heavily promoted to consumers but I am not seeing a groundswell of people that are convinced their pricing models are going to hold up.  I am a bit of a contrarian which it comes to 4G being the next product for carriers to boost their margins and expand their customer base.  Does 4G have any credibility when 3G still sucks?  Here is an article on the 4G BS and some other posts that will help you understand our position on the topic of 4G vs Free WiFi and carriers promote LTE by discounting the reliability of WiFi.

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