10 Reasons Why AT&T is Bad for T-Mobile Customers

#1 - AT&T Customer Service is Horrible and T-Mobile is Rated #1
#2 - T-Mobile has the fastest 4G network
#3 - AT&T has too many iPhones on their already congested network
#4 - T-Mobile's data plans are priced more reasonably than AT&T about 25% less
#5 - AT&T charges customers for WiFi tethering
#6 - T-Mobile & Google have had a great partnership and this will hurt their relationship
#7 - AT&T drops more calls than any other network
#8 - T-Mobile customers will start competing for coverage with 130M instead of 34M
#9 - T-Mobile has unlimited data plans that AT&T will remove
#10 - T-Mobile uses WiFi to fix dead zones and not the AT&T Microcell that has issues.

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