US Wireless Subscribers Pie Chart Post AT&T & T-Mobile Merger

This is what the US wireless subscriber market will look like post an AT&T and T-Mobile merger.  Does this look like a pie chart that is promoting fair competition?  Is it fair that these two companies are the highest paying dividend stocks (5% annual) on Wall Street?   shareholder payout is approximately $10 billion dollars per year and the Verizon dividend is approximately $5 billion dollars per year.  Are our FCC and DOJ protecting us from the competition when the US is far behind the rest of the World with data speeds and connectivity?

If AT&T controls 130M customers and Verizon 102 million this will wipe out any ability for competition.  Sprint is already in trouble with its financial problems and will never be a formidable competitor. T-Mobile was actually starting to do some disruptive things to the largest two carriers Verizon and AT&T before the acquisition took place.  The technology disruption in using WiFi, 4G, and HSPA+ alone was enough to get AT&T to swoop in a buy the company to shut them up.   This chart alone should concern the Department of Justice when considering if there is fair competition in an already corrupt industry.  I will go on record to say that this merger will be the worst in US history for customers and competition if it goes through.  

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