AT&T HSPA+ 4G Phones

HTC Inspire, Motorola ATRIX and Samsung Infuse

AT&T now claims to have 80% of their network with HSPA+ but they don't provide a coverage map yet.  Also, AT&T does not tell you that your old phone and iPhone will not work on the HSPA+ network and you will be required to buy a new phone like the ones below that are AT&T 4G compatible. All of you iPhone lovers who just bought the iPhone 4 won't work on the faster AT&T's HSPDA network. The HTC Inspire sells for $499Motorola ATRIX for $699 and the Samsung Infuse is $199.  Very expensive if you ask me even with a data contract subsidy for $200 to $300.  T-Mobile has had 4G HSPA+ for over a year and has a lot more phones to choose from if you plan to switch before the merger.  Search for at&t 4g phones.

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