How Many WiFi Hotspots are in the World?

100,000,000 WiFi HotSpot Locations Around the World

WeFi has 92,000,000 hotspot WiFi locations in its location database from its users who collect location based IP address in mobilie phone apps through war driving and normal use.  JiWire has 560,000 registered locations and Boingo has 325,000 paid registered locations.  By conservative estimates 100M is probably only half of the WiFi hotspots assuming only 50% have been found or registered.  The sadist part only a fraction of these (less than 1%) are registered and open for public use.  What if all of these WiFi locations were free, open or ad supported like the popular shared WiFi model in France?  I call it a disruptive Wireless Revolution that doesn't bode well for AT&T and Verizon who want you to pay $1,000 per year for unreliable 4G LTE.  

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