Cox Location Based Advertising

Cox has been testing location-based advertising in Arizona and San Diego for their TV and broadband customers.  However, are they going to bring the same location-based advertising to mobile phone or wireless?  Cox has been very secretive about their plans in wireless and I only ask this question to try and get some answers that have not been covered by bloggers or the media.  Will their mobile location based advertising be for WiFi or their own regional wireless network?  Are they working with other carriers to roam on their network?  How many customers do they have and who is using their services?   Do they have enough customers to scale the advertising properly?   Please ad your suggestions and comments are below.  

How does location based advertising work for broadband and TV subscribers?  According to the Cox web site their: location-based advertising helps deliver offers and incentives from national brands and local businesses with content tailored to your area. Location based advertising uses your zip code, including the last four digits, to identify your area and display relevant ads.

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