Google $20 Per Month Netbooks for Students

Google Has a Great Solution To Students Getting Ripped Off
Congrats to Google for launching a very cool project of $20 per month netbooks.  I want one and want to know where can I get a Google Chrome Notebook for $20 per month?  I want a Google Chrome Netbook but I am not a student.  If the test is successful for students these notebooks will likely eventually be given to the masses that can't afford 3G or 4G LTE?  Cloud computing is the future and if you are a Google Gmail, Google Voice, Google Docs and Google Chrome browser user there is no need to buy an expensive Apple laptop or PC.

The wireless carriers and Apple and PC developers have been ripping off consumers for years selling $1-$2K laptop hardware to students that only lasts for a few years.   On top of your expensive laptop your local carrier AT&T and Verizon want you to spend another $1000 per year for 4G LTE data plans when WiFi is free on most campuses.  Google recognizes that cheaper hardware is better to get content to the masses of people who can't afford it on top of their tuitions.  Free ad supported wireless is coming in a big way and Google Chrome is an ideal display screen to for video and Location Based Ads. Why charge for service when you can subside content with ads?

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