Does AT&T Have Enough Wireless Spectrum?

AT&T already has a sufficient spectrum and the only reason for the merger is to maximize shareholder value and grow the company. Phillip Humm T-Mobile CEO and Randall Stephenson CEO of AT&T says the 800 Mhz spectrum will improve in-building coverage and this is wrong. This is a white lie and this spectrum will never improve the penetration of coverage through walls, trees, metal, and hills. The argument that AT&T needs T-Mobile's spectrum and T-Mobile doesn't have enough spectrum is purely a phony lie that does not make any sense at all. The issue is the backhaul and fragmentation of wireless nodes. AT&T and T-Mobile only warehousing spectrum and not using it in areas that don't have sufficient coverage.  AT&T is not using spectrum 1/3 of its' Spectrum in over 20 markets throughout the US says Gigi Sohn founder of Public Knowledge. 

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