What Is Super WiFi?

"Super WiFi" typically referred to a concept or proposal to use the unlicensed portions of the radio spectrum, primarily the unused or underutilized TV spectrum known as TV white spaces, to provide wireless broadband connectivity over longer distances and with better penetration through obstacles compared to traditional WiFi.

The idea behind Super WiFi is to leverage these lower-frequency bands to create wide-area wireless networks that can cover larger geographical areas and potentially provide internet access in rural and remote regions. By using lower frequencies, Super WiFi can have better signal propagation characteristics, making it suitable for reaching areas where traditional WiFi signals might struggle due to distance and obstructions.

However, it's important to note that as of my last update, Super WiFi had not become a widely deployed or standardized technology in the United States. Various technical, regulatory, and commercial challenges needed to be addressed before any large-scale implementation could occur.

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