Why is Verizon Wireless Providing Temporary Cell Towers in Joplin, Missouri?

Verizon Wireless "Theoretical Cell Service Maps" in Joplin, Missouri
Why is Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) providing temporary cell towers in Joplin, Missouri.  Verizon's press release is very confusing and lacks any context of why they are doing this?  There is not mention in the press release that their existing cell tower or network in the area was damaged.  If you look at Verizon's coverage maps in Joplin, Missouri it shows perfect coverage throughout the City and State.  This is a perfect example of why cell towers are not reliable in emergencies.  Cell towers provide to few points of failure in a natural disaster like a tornado.  The only solution is for more options for communication like broadband data across hundreds of nodes and not just a few cell phone towers that might go down in a tornado.
Joplin, Missouri DeadCellZones.com Coverage Complaints
I am suspicious of this press release because Verizon is notorious for claiming they have coverage in an area that is blatantly not true.  We want to hear from you in you live or work in the area prior to the tornado.  We want to know how Verizon Wireless performed in the surrounding area of Joplin, Missouri before the disaster.  Please submit your comments below.   You can also submit your Verizon Wireless coverage complaints directly on our map.  We don't have many comments in the area but we do for AT&T and T-Mobile.  Click on the map above. 

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