Verizon Phones Suddenly Not Working

My wife's Droid phone keyboard suddenly stopped working and I am beginning to think there are other people who are having the same problem.  Typing on the keyboard is impossible and it stops after a few letters.  The arrow key does not work to go back as well.   She ran into a few friends also on Verizon and the store and it appears that they are having the same issue.  However, this time it was on a Blackberry phone.

Is Verizon making changes in their customer's settings remotely without telling customers? Is this a big conspiracy to get Verizon customer to upgrade their phone during the Holiday shopping period?  I am beginning to wonder if Verizon is tampering with their customer's phones in order to make them go into a store and upgrade.   Please share your experiences below if your phone settings are suddenly getting changed and causing technical issues.

After doing some research on Twitter it appears other customers are having similar issues.  See this Twitter search for "Verizon Phone Not Working".  

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