Verizon & AT&T Compatible iPhone 5 LTE

Verizon & AT&T Compatible iPhone 5 LTE
Apple now how the power to do what is right for consumers.  It's about time that consumers have the ability to switch to any LTE carrier without having to buy a new phone.  The United States desperately needs a way for consumers to choose a carrier not by quality of service in their region and easily switch if that service changes.  Most mobile phone consumers around the World have the luxury of picking their smartphone first and their carrier second.  The United States is a bit backwards and the carriers control and subsidize the handset costs in order to lock customers in.

However, this could all change if Apple launches the iPhone 5 that is carrier agnostic.  LTE is designed around the World to be cross carrier compatible.  However, the US carriers seem like they are structuring the technology of phones to once again be incompatible.  The Government and FCC must regulate to make sure that LTE is compatible across carriers because consumers want to pick the best service in their area.  Increased competition is what LTE needs in order for consumers to get a fair shake.

I also really hate the way carriers are currently positioning the draconian "data caps" and screwing consumers.  This really ticks me off and is not a good sign that mobile consumers are going to have many choices in the future. The FCC needs to get involved in this process and make sure LTE phone compatibility is achieved.  Sprint and T-Mobile better hold off and stick to their unlimited data plans because I will never sign up for a data plan or contract that has data caps.   I am not convinced that LTE is that much better than HSPA+ and will have to wait and see if tablets are the reason to upgrade from 3G to 4G.  

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