What Android Version Do I Have?

How do you determine which Android operating system you have on your smartphone or tablet?  It is pretty easy to do, by simply clicking on Settings / About Phone.  Scroll down and look for "Android version" and there will be 3 numbers.  For example, my G2 T-Mobile smartphone has "Android 2.3.4", which would be Android Gingerbread.  The Android version code names are in alphabetical order with the most recent release being Ice Cream Sandwhich 10.3 v4.0.3 as of CES 2012.   (See versions below)

Android Ice Cream Sandwich
10.1 v4.0.1
10.2 v4.0.2
10.3 v4.0.3

Android Honeycomb
9.1 v3.0
9.2 v3.1
9.3 v3.2
9.4 v3.2.1
9.5 v3.2.2
Android Gingerbread
8.1 v2.3
8.2 v2.3.3
8.3 v2.3.4 
8.4 v2.3.5
8.5 v2.3.6
8.6 v2.3.7
Android Froyo
7.1 v2.2
7.2 v2.2.1
7.3 v2.2.2
7.4 v2.2.3

Android Eclair
6.1 v2.0
6.2 v2.0.1
6.3 v2.1

Android Donut
5 v1.6

Android Cupcake
4 1.5

Android Astro 
3 v1.1

Android Bender 
2 v1.0

Android Alpha

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google used for developers of smartphones, tablets and netbooks.  Every carrier today including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile use some derivative of the operating system on their Android phones.  Unfortunately, the complexity of Android versions on the market has made marketing the phones confusing to many consumers.  Unlike Apple which has a closed development platform, Google has an open development platform that allows bleeding edge developers and manufacturers to stretch the limits of the software.

Carriers are typically several versions behind rolling out the new features of the system.  If you are wondering what new features have been added in the new Android version see this link of Android version features.  It can often take up to a year or more of testing before the new versions are automatically downloaded and upgraded into phones.  You can also check under System Updates under settings to see if you have any updates available.  

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