Why Does My iPhone 4S Battery Drain Fast?

iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4 Battery
Yes, the iPhone 4S is faster than the previous iPhones.  However, it will come at a price since most smartphone batteries do not currently have the storage capacity to power the phone for more than a few hours.  The reason your phone drains faster is because of 3G HSPA+ and 3G CDMA data speeds on the phone is using.  Here is an iPhone 4S speed test comparison chart for AT&T, Verizon & Sprint.  AT&T's HSPA+ and Verizon 3G CDMA is twice as fast to download and upload data than plain 3g but it will costs you some battery life.

The faster that data speeds move from 3G, 3G CDMA, 3G HSPA+ to LTE the faster your battery will drain.  The faster cell phone networks are delivering data to your phone, the more power your phone will require.  Many iPhone users claim they need to charge their phone multiple times per day and the charge only lasts for a few hours.

All fast data speeds phones have a similar problem but here is a list of smartphones with the longest battery life.  We also recommend purchasing an iPhone battery case charger to protect your phone and also extend the battery life.   We also recommend turning off WiFi when you are not using it.

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