How Does Our "Worst Cell Phone Coverage" Page Fall From Top 10 to Top 60 in 1 day?

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We have always been suspicious of Verizon and its marketing tactics over the last 2 decades and I am even more suspicious of them now.  Here is why . . . 

Verizon Wireless recently overtook AT&T Wireless as having the most cell phone coverage complaints in our dead cell zones database.  AT&T for the longest time has had the most complaints.  However, I have noticed a huge difference in Verizon's network performance lately and think there is a lot more parody among the carriers depending on where you are.  Verizon doesn't have the best coverage anymore in our opinion and the database based on complaints confirms this.  

Here is a map below that shows you the count of complaints in our database and Verizon now leads the pack.  This doesn't surprise me as Verizon has always been arrogant about its marketing and claims.   I recently have had several horrendous customer service experiences with them as well.  

Verizon worst cell coverage map
Search engine optimization is now a huge game in that these carriers invest millions of dollars per year to try and squash competitors and negative press.  Verizon has hundreds of people on staff that look at websites like ours to try and discredit the validity of the content using dirty SEO tactics.  

Our page "Worst Cell Phone Coverage" had been getting a ton of traction with Google and huge engagement in searches recently largely because consumers know they are getting screwed by many carriers in certain places.  Why would this page suddenly fall out of the top 10 and move to 50+.  The result is this page doesn't perform anymore for some reason.  Did someone file false claims on the page to Google?  I am very suspicious and would like to get to the bottom of it.  Why would a perfectly fine page fall out of the top 10 so suddenly?   We have changed nothing on this page recently. 

Worst Cell Phone Coverage

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