4 Phones To Look Into Before Upgrading

Are you in the market for a new phone? Or maybe you are looking to switch carriers and want to know your options. Either way, upgrading to a new phone can be a big decision, especially for those of you who aren't necessarily unhappy with your current model. Here we have compiled a list of the best phones out right now:
  1. iPhone 5: Too many reasons to list, iPhone is the only way to go. The 5th generation of the beloved iPhone, it is arguably the model in which all others try to beat. Operating this phone is quite simple, and with the amount of quality apps available, it is easy to see why the iPhone 5 tops the list. This model is obviously thinner than the previous 4-S model, but it also contains a 4 inch retina screen. The iPhone 5 is available through AT&T, Spring and Verizon
  2. Samsung Galaxy S4: In close competition with the iPhone 5, Samsung has created a phone that has taken some attention away from Apple. With 4G LTE it is clearly the best model of Galaxy to date. This model is available in white or gray and has a similar appearance as the S III. One of the biggest differences is the new model is thinner and lighter. It also has a 5 inch HD screen that takes viewing to a much more high tech level. Fingerprints are annoying on your phone; with this model, you are able to simple hover over the screen vs actually touch it. Another fun feature is the ability to tilt up or down in order to scroll. Available through Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon.
  3. HTC One: Using the latest Android operating system, Jelly Bean, with this model you will experience a similar home screen to the Windows Phone 8. Allowing you to customize your home screen with the social networks and news feeds that are important to you. Currently it is popular for those who produce such devices to add megapixels to your phones camera. This concept actually goes in the opposite direction. There are less megapixels, however they incorporated a bigger sensor, which is beneficial to those who like to snap shots in low light or in the darker hours. With a screen that measures 4.7 inches, viewing in zoom is not a problem with this model. Available through AT&T, Spring and T-Mobile.
  4. Google Nexus 4: A great phone, with the only downfall of being available only through T-Mobile. If you are currently a part of this network or looking to switch providers, then this may be a phone that will peak your interest. With a 4.7 inch screen the display has a similar pixel density to the retina screen of the iPhone 5. This phone that is made by LG arguably has the best android hardware to date. But perhaps the best feature on this phone is the battery life that easily lasts all day; much longer than any other phone on the market.
Regardless of what you are looking for in a phone, the ability to connect to the internet at a faster rate without losing your connection is vital. Whether at home, school, work or out on a weekend getaway with family and friends, wireless internet or a similarly reliable connection is essential in communication. Don't pick a phone, or carrier based on the sleekest look. Make sure you have the capability to do everything you need to keep your life up and running.

Best and Worst Mobile Reception

We are living in an era where instant communication is everything. Having a decent cell reception has become an important criterion for people selecting an area to live in. The general expectation is that we would get cellular reception in all areas, but this isn’t the case as a recent study has conducted by SmartPlanet has identified top 10 worst cities for signal reception in U.S.

The Best Reception Areas

In terms of the best signal reception, New York tops the list. The reason is that adequate numbers of cellular towers are in place to match the growing population. New York is followed closely by Chicago and then Los Angeles. The correlation over here is that cities which have developed in terms of technology and other indicators have decent signal reception. Other top reception areas include Memphis, Houston, Philadelphia, San Diego and Phoenix.

Worst Areas

In terms of worst areas for signal reception, we have Bakersfield, Colorado Spring, Oklahoma City, Lincoln, Toledo, Tucson and Milwaukee among the main ones. Detroit also falls in the top ten lists and may come as a surprise for some, but the thing is that the overall building architecture in the city is such that signals drop easily, especially with a lot of skyscrapers that come in the way of signals.

Bakersfield and Signal Reception

Bakersfield, California tops the list of worst signal reception in the U.S. Most of this can be attributed to the increase in the population and inadequate signal towers. The increase in population is identified as a major factor since Bakersfield has one of the highest population blooms in the U.S. Its population increased by forty percent during the 2000-2011 time periods.

Another slightly related issue is that of bill recovery in Bakersfield that discourages carriers from expanding more. Our mobile phone bills are usually billed on a monthly account and with the recession hit reduced income that could pose a problem. The bill also includes those for home phone and internet services as well. Your debt may keep piling up in this regard, and then there is the obligation to save too. So you are left with the question of should I save money or pay off debt?

There is no single answer to this. It depends on the individual's preferences as the area doesn't seem to be getting good reception any time soon as fiscal recovery is the top priority for now . It's also tied into the issue of settling credit card debt.

The best carrier that has been identified in the area is Sprint whereas the worst is AT&T. Majority of the population is using AT&T preferably because of the cost effective nature, but this had a heavy toll on the overall signal reception in the area.

How to overcome

The best bet for an immediate measure would be to revert to the best carrier in the area. There’s also the possibility of using boosters as is being done in the case of Wi-Fi signals. Things are going to improve for Bakersfield in the coming few years since there has been oil drilling activity initiated this year. This would bode well for the economy in terms of job creation. Furthermore, a hidden benefit in this case would be better facilities like signal reception.

There has also been talk of microcells being used to boost signals. They are available by the name of Femtocell and are being provided by some cellular carriers. This particular device can be said to be a minirouter and can be installed in your home/apartment/office. It would boost your cell phone reception. People who have used it along with AT&T have found the results to be good. This can be used as a relevant tool for solving the issue of poor reception.

How Many iPhone Users Does China Mobile Have?

iPhone 6 for China Mobile?

Is a low cost iPhone 6 coming later this year to open up the China market?  China Mobile has more than 700 million customers and is plowing $7 billion this year into building a new 4G  network to retain supremacy.  China Mobile already had 15M iPhone 5 subscribers without directly selling Apple's handset last year.  How many subscribers will they have if they launched a lower cost version?

On Apple's conference call, Tim Cook said the following:
  • Revenue came in at $8.8B up 18% in China.  
  • iPads grew at 130% YOY.  
  • Greater china revenue was up approximately 18%.  
  • iPhone 5 just launched in December
  • iPhone 4 shows significant as it is more affordable.
  • Samsung is a tough competitor in hardware
  • Google is a tough competitor on the operating system side.  

How To Measure Power Line, Electronics & Cell Phone EMF

Do you ever wonder home much radiation is coming up the power lines near year?  Have you ever wondered how much radiation you are getting by holding the cell phone up to your ear for long periods of time?  Do you sleep near an alarm clock, TV or circuit breaker?  This device detects cell phone radiation and extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields from power lines. The gauss meter will often reveal surprises, such as the high EMF emissions from electric toothbrushes, shavers, microwave ovens, photocopy machines, cordless phones, and high-intensity electrical wiring.

Studies have delivered warnings about long-term exposure to cell phone radiation and certain electromagnetic fields. But since these dangers can’t be seen by the naked eye, how can you protect yourself and your family? The CellSensor EMF Detection Meter measures both of these hazards with an easy-to-read gauge that also beeps and glows when high readings are detected.

Think twice before you do all these things and buy yourself a low cost Cell Sensor to measure the radiation that you are being exposed to in your life.  You don't need an expensive EMF consultant.  Do it yourself for less than $50.  It works and I own one!  

Free or Low Cost $300 iPhone 6 in 2013?

Is This the iPhone 6 for $300?

Will Apple launch an iPhone 6 later this fall for $300 or free with a 2 year cell phone contract?  The low-cost iPhone would look similar to the iPod classic, with a flat back and curved edges along with a shift to elongated volume buttons on the left side. 

AOL Patch is Trying to Copy Our Business

AOL Patch is trying to copy our DeadZones.com trademark and map business. 

AOL patch has copied our crowdsourced dead zones map and is using our trademarked term in their articles.  We have prior art usage of "Dead Zones" and "Dead Cell Zones" for last 13 years.  We have worked diligently to protect and grow this brand over the last 13 years.

We have made a simple request to AOL Patch's publishers and legal / trademark team to stop using the term "Dead Zones" as it relates to cell phone coverage problem areas.   We have made a simple request without using lawyers to AOL Patch. We requested that use any other term that is not currently trademarked for a business like Dead Zones or Dead Cell Zones for our mapping business.  They could use terms like "bad cell phone coverage", "dead spots", "bad coverage areas", "poor coverage", "poor reception" and "bad patch".   CellReception.com, OpenSignal.com and RootMetrics.com all have their own unique trademarks as competitors and should be respected as well. 

AOL Patch has created a local map for the following cities so far.  Fremont, Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, Campbell, Rockridge, Lamorinda, Alameda, Santee, Piedmont, Coronado and Glendoar.  

Should All Wireless Devices Be Securely Registered To A Person or Business?

Triangulation of Cell Phone For Identification

Today's bombing at the Boston Marathon makes you wonder . . . Were the device(s) used to trigger the bomb done by a wireless device or cell phone?  If a wireless devices was used to trigger the explosion, this device would have need to talk to a WiFi or cellular network in the area.  Every devices has an IP address but is every IP address tied to an individual or busienss?  This raises the question should all wireless devices have identification tied to them?  Surely, police should be able to obtain all of the cell phone records and track all of the devices being using by AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint in the area and narrow down the suspects?  This raises the question once again should our privacy take priority over our safety?   

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