Best and Worst Mobile Reception

We are living in an era where instant communication is everything. Having a decent cell reception has become an important criterion for people selecting an area to live in. The general expectation is that we would get cellular reception in all areas, but this isn’t the case as a recent study has conducted by SmartPlanet has identified the top 10 worst cities for signal reception in the U.S.

The Best Reception Areas

In terms of the best signal reception, New York tops the list. The reason is that adequate numbers of cellular towers are in place to match the growing population. New York is followed closely by Chicago and then Los Angeles. The correlation over here is that cities that have developed in terms of technology and other indicators have decent signal reception. Other top reception areas include Memphis, Houston, Philadelphia, San Diego and Phoenix.

Worst Areas

In terms of the worst areas for signal reception, we have Bakersfield, Colorado Springs, Oklahoma City, Lincoln, Toledo, Tucson and Milwaukee among the main ones. Detroit also falls in the top ten lists and may come as a surprise for some, but the thing is that the overall building architecture in the city is such that signals drop easily, especially with a lot of skyscrapers that come in the way of signals.

Bakersfield and Signal Reception

Bakersfield, California tops the list of worst signal reception in the U.S. Most of this can be attributed to the increase in the population and inadequate signal towers. The increase in population is identified as a major factor since Bakersfield has one of the highest population blooms in the U.S. Its population increased by forty percent during the 2000-2011 time periods.

Another slightly related issue is that of bill recovery in Bakersfield that discourages carriers from expanding more. Our mobile phone bills are usually billed on a monthly account and with the recession hit reduced income that could pose a problem. The bill also includes those for home phone and internet services as well. Your debt may keep piling up in this regard, and then there is the obligation to save too. So you are left with the question of should I save money or pay off debt?

There is no single answer to this. It depends on the individual's preferences as the area doesn't seem to be getting good reception any time soon as fiscal recovery is the top priority for now. It's also tied into the issue of settling credit card debt.

The best carrier that has been identified in the area is Sprint whereas the worst is AT&T. Majority of the population is using AT&T preferably because of the cost-effective nature, but this had a heavy toll on the overall signal reception in the area.

How to overcome

The best bet for an immediate measure would be to revert to the best carrier in the area. There’s also the possibility of using boosters as is being done in the case of Wi-Fi signals. Things are going to improve for Bakersfield in the coming few years since there has been oil drilling activity initiated this year. This would bode well for the economy in terms of job creation. Furthermore, a hidden benefit, in this case, would be better facilities like signal reception.

There has also been talking of microcells being used to boost signals. They are available by the name of Femtocell and are being provided by some cellular carriers. This particular device can be said to be a mini router and can be installed in your home/apartment/office. It would boost your cell phone reception. People who have used it along with AT&T have found the results to be good. This can be used as a relevant tool for solving the issue of poor reception.

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