AOL Patch is Trying to Copy Our Business

AOL Patch is trying to copy our trademark and map business. 

AOL patch has copied our crowdsourced dead zones map and is using our trademarked term in their articles.  We have prior art usage of "Dead Zones" and "Dead Cell Zones" for last 13 years.  We have worked diligently to protect and grow this brand over the last 13 years.

We have made a simple request to AOL Patch's publishers and legal / trademark team to stop using the term "Dead Zones" as it relates to cell phone coverage problem areas.   We have made a simple request without using lawyers to AOL Patch. We requested that use any other term that is not currently trademarked for a business like Dead Zones or Dead Cell Zones for our mapping business.  They could use terms like "bad cell phone coverage", "dead spots", "bad coverage areas", "poor coverage", "poor reception" and "bad patch"., and all have their own unique trademarks as competitors and should be respected as well. 

AOL Patch has created a local map for the following cities so far.  Fremont, Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, Campbell, Rockridge, Lamorinda, Alameda, Santee, Piedmont, Coronado and Glendoar.  

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