Should Google Buy TracFone?

If Google is getting into the MVNO business why don't they make a run at buying Tracfone and expand quickly?  I have a hard time believing that Google can execute a plan to organically grow an MVNO busienss.  They failed to organically grow their Nexus phone and the Motorola acquisition didn't go so well.

It seems like Tracfone has figured out the discount carrier marketing game and Google isn't exactly a proficient marketing & sales organization.  It's also hard to see the carrier business consolidating any further.  Tracfone has done an incredible job of expanding throughout the last few years.   Companies like Google could vertically integrate a discount wireless carrier nicely to expand their data / local advertising business and subsidize the phones even more.

Google could also disrupt the connectivity business by using their fiber network.  I would also like to see Google get into the "small cell" wifi business as well to compliment their fiber network.  They also have the largest mobile phone operating system footprint with almost 80% of Worldwide phones using Android.  This gives Google a lot of visibility on how wireless networks are performing regionally. Google could easily improve service levels by optimizing the network for their customers.  They could choose which carrier network to use in various regions.

Comments would be appreciated.  

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