SEO: How It Changed The Digital Marketing Job Market

As most professionals fluent with the ins and outs of digital marketing will tell you, SEO is an essential skill to master. It completely transformed the job market, and with good reason. Basically, SEO is short for search engine optimization, which is the study or practice of increasing the quantity of traffic to your website or the product featured on a third party’s website by generating organic search engine results. Do you know how typing a search term into Amazon or Google sort of shows up automatically for you? That’s what SEO does - it’s a remarkably intuitive way of understanding the potential customer and how to gear your product or website towards them.

Need some convincing? The following are a few of the tangible ways in which SEO changed the digital marketing job market. 

Increased Focus On Search Engines

The use of SEO technology has undoubtedly encouraged the industry-wide shift on optimizing search engines, to better reflect the needs of consumers. This has proven to have a profound effect on everything from increasing the visibility of once lesser-known websites, services, and products available for purchase on major, virtual big-box websites such as Amazon. The subsequent increase in sales is also significant, meaning that a huge branch of digital marketing now focuses primarily on the use of SEO.

Small Businesses In The Age Of Big Chains 

Once SEO became the digital marketing behemoth we are now familiar with, more and more people have become invested in its utility, including small businesses. The service is definitely possible to use for many different kinds of businesses regardless of their size, and in fact, it has become increasingly crucial to their survival. As a business owner, it is equally important for you to know how much this service would cost. Luckily for you, it’s fairly easy to learn how, just by scouring the internet, you’re sure to come across a reliable resource. SEO prices vary depending on the agency you choose and the kind of SEO campaign you want, it can get a little pricey, but it will all be worth it. SEO skills are highly in demand and one that has profoundly influenced the digital marketing jobs landscape as well. 

Get Paid Well 

If you are already in the game of digital marketing and wondering how to up the ante and ensure that you are paid well, then SEO is definitely the skill to master. As opposed to advertising, marketing analytics, and digital project management, SEO is a much-needed skill that is in high demand, but the required expertise is not always available. Therefore, you could very well be entering a market flush with opportunity. There is a lot of competition in this sector of the industry, and a higher salary is definitely in the works for those who hope to dive in and learn this now an important pillar of digital marketing. 

Have you looked into a blogger outreach service?  The digital world is flush with opportunities as organizations try to bridge the gap between different organizations and online business initiatives.  Digitization is continuing at a rapid pace, and employers everywhere on an international level are on the lookout for employees who can fill in the gaps that will enable them to meet their business objectives while increasing revenue and brand awareness.  

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