Is RootMetrics Data Too Expensive?

RootMetrics vs DeadCellZones Map

RootMetrics just sold to IHS last year for what was reportedly a huge number.  Why?  Carriers and wireless regional tower operators/service providers buy their data for competitive analysis and determine which carriers could use coverage enhancements in certain markets.  How many service providers can afford the huge price for the data?  If you are in the industry you know what I mean.

RootMetrics claims to drive test (test signal strength) in under 100 markets twice per year.  Drive testing makes sense but it is anecdotal data and only a snapshot at that time.  Can RootMetrics possibly drive test during every rush hour in every location?  No!  Do RootMetrics have actual customer complaints? No!  Are they drive testing in rural and undeserved marketing?  No!  Do their maps tell you where problems exist?  Kind of.

Which map tells you more about where problems exist?  What RootMetrics doesn't have are actual customer coverage complaints like what we publish on  We get 3,000-5,000 people per day that visit our web site and contribute dead zones directly to the map.

If you are looking to purchase data from RootMetrics than you most certainly should also look at purchasing our crowdsourced Dead Zone data.  Positive signal strength data and negative signal strength information can be quite complimentary.  Contact us for further details on pricing and why we can help you save money.  

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