Free Conference Call Busy Signal

Are Wireless Carriers Like Blocking Free Conference Calls?

I had an interesting experience the morning trying to call into FreeConferenceCall on my mobile phone.  I tried calling in about a dozen times and received a busy signal only dialing a number in Arizona.  A few weeks ago I had the same experience dialing a number in Iowa.  Same thing a busy signal.  Are carriers blocking calls to FreeConferenceCall?  Why would they do this?  

I suspect this could be the case because in both circumstances I made the same call from my home line and the call went through.  The next time you get a busy signal trying to dial into a conference call let us know.  

Our tweet was answered and apparently our assumption was correct.  The million dollar question is which carriers?  T-Mobile yes but what about Verizon, AT&T and Sprint?  

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