Affinity Cellular Coverage Area Map

Affinity Cellular MVNO Verizon Wireless Coverage Map
Affinity Cellular Coverage Map
Affinity Cellular operates on the Verizon CDMA network.

Affinity Cellular is aligned with membership-based organizations like AAA and clubs throughout the United States. The primary goal is to offer the members of these quality organizations discounted pricing on cellular phone services.

Purchase an Affinity Wireless SIM card, which can be done on the website. Once you have the SIM card in your possession, you can either Activate a New Phone Number or Port Your Existing Phone Number.

Monthly rates begin at $10.00 per month for voice plans and don't come with long-term contracts. Some phones allow you to browse the internet or get your emails. Data plans start at $1.00 per month. Plans will vary based upon your expected usage.

Affinity Cellular MVNO Voice & Text Data Plans Pricing
Affinity Cellular Data Plans

By leveraging the buying power of member organizations Affinity is able to purchase cellular minutes at lower rates. These minutes are then packaged into plans to meet and target the audience's needs. Cellular service operates on the world's most powerful network at a fraction of the cost.

Affinity does not have you sign contracts and hold folks hostage, we want to earn your loyalty. Every day we will be working to exceed your expectations and if for some reason you are not happy, we want to know about it, it's that simple.

Please submit your reviews of the service and coverage below in the discussion.

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