Budget Mobile Coverage Map

Budget Mobile MVNO Coverage Map
Budget Mobile Coverage Map

Budget Mobile is a prepaid wireless MVNO that operates on Verizon's CDMA network.

Budget Mobile LifeLine offers government assisted cell phone services to low income families and individuals. Budget offers LifeLine discounts to qualified customers who meet certain eligibility requirements such as government assistance or a household income that is at or below 135% of the federal poverty level. Budget Mobile LifeLine is limited to one per household and cannot be combined with any other LifeLine offering. Lifeline Government subsidies are approved in the following states.

Mobile Phone LifeLine (Government Subsidized) Approved States

All Budget Mobile Lifeline Eligible Customers Receive: FREE cell phone 500 FREE MINUTES and 500 FREE TEXTS for the First 3 Months! (350 FREE minutes and 350 FREE Texts thereafter every month automatically).

Free to $50 data plans for talk and data
Budget Mobile Data Plans

You can purchase a Budget Mobile SIM card, which can be done on the BudgetMobile.com website. Once you have the SIM card in your possession, you can either Activate a New Phone Number or Port Your Existing Phone Number.

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