Schools Blocking Cell Phone Reception

kid using cell phone in school with teacher in background
Is It Right For Schools to Block Cell Phone Reception?

Schools are increasingly becoming more aggressive about blocking cell phone signals in their classrooms.  Are they doing this because a few select students are abusing the rules of no cell phone?  There will always be students who break the rules and disrupt others but aren't there other ways to solve the problem using phones in the classroom?  How about turning your phones off when you enter the classroom?   Turn them on vibrate?  No texting during class?  Confiscation of phones used during class? 

Am I in the minority of people who want to be able to reach my child at a moment's notice in case of an emergency?  Should parents be concerned about schools that decide to block signals by jamming signals?  Are schools overlooking the safety implications of removing communication between a parent and child?  What happens in an emergency and parents cannot reach their child quickly?   

Please post pins on our map if your school has a cell phone signal jammer in the school.  Let's hear from you if this poses a safety concern below in our comments.  

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