Frontier Billing Problems

Ever since Verizon FIOS was acquired by Frontier customers in Southern California have been experiencing massive problems.  Frontier continues to have customer billing problems.  Several customers have experienced problems with their automatically billing and notifications

Even if you have automatic billing on your account the company has not charged many customers.  Instead of notifying you that your credit card or account is past due.  Frontier simply shuts off your TV or internet service.  This has happened to several customers in the area.

To make problems worse, departments within Frontier do not talk to each other.  You first have to speak with collections and then collections send you to another department.  It often takes 5 to 10 calls just to reach the right person who knows how to turn your service back on.  It is probably the worst customer experience ever.  The amount of incompetence by customer service teams is really amazing.

Time Warner / Spectrum was hanging around our office building.  They were able to hook up internet service in less than 12 hours.  We dumped Frontier's service today after waiting 6 days for the service to come back on.

I would not be surprised to see this company go into bankruptcy or see a private equity company come in a buy them out.  The number of drastic changes that need to happen are obvious to everyone in the marketplace and their stock price reflects this.

See all the Tweets below about the problem.

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