How to Get a Free T-Mobile SIM

Bring Your Own Phone to T-Mobile and get a free SIM Card
Bring the Google Pixel to T-Mobile and get a free SIM card ($20 value). USE CODE: FREESIM

Switch to T-Mobile and get ready for unlimited everything with T-Mobile ONE
 • Unlimited 4G LTE data
 • Unlimited coverage in Mexico and Canada
 • Unlimited international coverage in over 140+ countries and destinations
 • Unlimited video streaming at DVD quality
 • Unlimited music streaming
 • One hour in-flight data and unlimited text messaging with Gogo®
 • WI-FI Calling available
 • T-Mobile will pay your Switching fees up to $650 per line, with trade-in
 • For a limited time, score a free SIM! Use promo code FREESIM at checkout.

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