Will Verizon Try & Buy SiriusXM?

Verizon buying SiriusXM boxing gloves and AT&T & DirecTV
Will Verizon Try & Buy SiriusXM?
I have this sneaking suspicion that Verizon might try and buy SiirusXM. Why? So they can charge you for more data on their cell networks.  SiriusXM seems to be struggling to maintain their satellite network quality and more customers are streaming radio content on their phones through wifi and cellular networks.

SiriusXM customers have been experience a lot of dropped signal issues and I suspect that without any competitors that SiriusXM is not going to invest much in the network to maintain service levels. Satellite networks must be very expensive to maintain and wireless carriers are probably looking at becoming at the premium radio subscription business as way to keep customers.

 AT&T purchased direct TV and now has a satellite company.  Verizon continues to look buying content companies and satellite subscription radio seems like a good fit.

See SiriusXM's Coverage Map.  

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