Cell Phone Coverage Map Updates

Finding the best cell phone coverage just got easier by comparing cell phone coverage reports from other customers. We have updated our Cell Phone Dead Zones Coverage Map with the following new data features and information:
  • All blanks or entries with nothing in the description have been deleted.  78,289 records were in the database as of today and approximately 28,320 were deleted because they were left blank or didn't have any description of the reception problem.  There are 49,969 active records in the database from 2008-2016 as of today.  
  • Dates have been added to all entries and you can search by year or month. 
  • Record numbers have been added to all entries from 2008-2016.  If you see a number between 1-49,696 then it has been added to the database before December 16, 2016.  If carriers or customers think reception problems have been fixed that are currently on the map.  Simply send us a list of the records that you would like to deleted. A description of why we should delete would also be helpful. 
  • Search the map by data or description for a particular problem by city, state, zip or by a keyword in the description.  (Example: "school", "hospital", "airport").  
  • Every point on the map will have some context of the problem a customer is experiencing.  We will not longer be keeping blank data entries on the map. 
  • Email us if you would like a download of a particular region.

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