The Role of Social Hiring and Social Intelligence in Quality Employee Recruitment

As more companies continue to leverage technology to improve efficiency and service delivery, human resource managers are also using social media platforms to recruit the best employees. The term social recruiting refers to the process of hiring potential candidates through the use of social media profiles. Social hiring gives the hiring team a background information check of the potential candidate without interfering with his/her privacy.

Today, more and more companies are adopting social hiring concept as their new way of hiring employees. By using popular social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, hiring managers can find the best top-cream candidate on the market for a specific job vacancy.

Social hiring is beneficial to the recruiting team in many ways including:

• It gives comprehensive background information about a potential employee to ascertain his/her integrity. It helps you review and flag any user-generated content regarding racism, acts of violence, illegal activities or even sexually explicit materials.

• Getting candidate with the best skills and experience faster

• It takes less time to hire a potential candidate as compared to the conventional method of recruiting

• Social hiring helps in increasing quality employees' referrals to potential recruiters

As a recruiter, it's essential that you understand the social hiring concept better to save time and target the right potential candidates. To achieve this, you must ensure that you are using the right keywords at any given social media platform to filter more relevant data.

Also, there are various social platforms that deal with specific types of professionals. For instance, if you want to recruit a graphic designer, there are specific social platforms such as Dribble that deal with graphic designers only.

Joining useful social media groups and applications can also help recruiters find qualified candidates faster. Different social media platforms have different groups and boards where one can join and filter the right candidate for the job.

Social Intelligence Hiring

Social intelligence concept helps organizations in hiring a large number of employees at all levels faster and at a low cost per hire. With this concept, the recruiter can get the best candidates who are up and running.

Social intelligence hiring focuses on hiring candidates based on their self-mastery skills, innovative, interpersonal skills, reasoning, applied technical knowledge, influencing ability, passion for work, resilience and affecting ability.

These innovative hiring methods help recruiters hire all-round candidates who are not only passionate about the job but, with uncompromised integrity. The risk of wrong hiring is also low compared to the traditional hiring methods.

Social intelligence hiring is also very useful when it comes to hiring employees who will be charged with key decision-makers in any organization. It helps recruiters, select managers, with abundant real-time experience and inputs that can be absorbed immediately after the hiring process.

These innovative modern hiring methods are ideal for startups and large companies looking for multiple hires. It takes a lot of time for companies to recruit large numbers of staff using the traditional hiring methods but with the adoption of social intelligence and social hiring concepts, recruiters can now get qualified candidates within the shortest time possible.

It's the high time that companies appreciate the importance of these new recruiting concepts and take advantage of social platforms to hire the best employees who are equipped with the required skills and experience.

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