Is Apple Creating Bugs To Trick People Into Buying New Phones?

When Will Congress & EU Investigate Apple for Antitrust Issues About Purposely Creating Bugs to Trick People Into Buying New iPhones?

Have you ever asked yourself why your iphone keeps crashing every October or November before the Christmas shopping season?   I think this coincidence of this annual phenomenon is actually done on purpose by Apple secretly to trick people into thinking that they need to buy new phones.  

Apple has created an amazing business through planned obsolescence but ever since Steve Jobs passed away they have not innovated enough that would entice most frugal people enough into buying the latest new iphones.   I think Apple knows this and is not purposely creating bugs in the iOS operating system to make people think their phone is defective.   If the truth was ever was to be investigated and discovered I think this could destroy about half of the companies market capitalization.  Watch Apple's stock if you ever start to hear about an investigation like this.  

If you understand the software business it is not hard to imagine why Apple wouldn't purposely create bugs in their operating system to trick people into thinking their phone is now defective.  Everyone I talk with who owns an iPhone thinks they need to buy the latest iPhone hardware in order for their phones to continue working.  

The Android World is much difference and Google does a much better job of releasing updates and that are consistent with the phone hardware.  You can use an Android phone for many years after a phone is released.  However, older iPhones seem to get bloated with worthless software and bugs that seem to crash and clutter phones with things you really don't need.  

Another thing that Android does is allow you to offload photos to Google Photos easily for minimal costs and doesn't scam you into thinking you need to buy iCloud storage to backup.  This is such a scam by Apple.  If you are a sophisticated iPhone user having Google Photos backup and remove all of your photos is essential so you don't have to use Apple's worthless iCloud storage.  

Would love some Apple supporters to comment on this below.  

How Do I Remove Google Prevented Suspicious Sign In To Your Account Using Your Password Notification?

review activity now
Why won't this notification bar go away?  

I traveled to a new location during the Thanksgiving Holiday now this notification won't go away after several verification attempts that the Unknown Device was me.  Now each time I sign into Google this notification appears on the top of my browser.  Can someone please help?   

AT&T & Verizon "Drop The Ball" Providing Emergency Cell Service

Have the big carriers become lazy about helping out for emergencies in California?  Have politics and political agendas got in the way of these corporate giant telecom bureaucracies helping California?

Just like Trump called out the Forest Service as mismanaging resources in the time of emergencies.  I am calling out AT&T & Verizon for not helping out enough to provide emergency wireless cell phone coverage in the Thousand Oaks, Westlake and Malibu areas during the fires.   Do the management teams of Verizon and AT&T hate California as well?  These companies are based in heavily conservative areas in the deep South of Georgia and Texas.

Why didn't they bring in emergency cell phone towers along Mulholland Highway which has notoriously horrendous cell phone coverage?  These companies have helped out tremendously during hurricanes in Florida and North Carolina.  Why not help California?  Cellular companies should have dozens of these trucks in California during fire season.  Here is a photo of only 1 truck on PCH during the Woosley fire.  Where were the AT&T & Verizon wireless drones providing emergency cell phone service as you promoted on CNBC?

T-Mobile & Sprint also have horrible service in this area but typically these companies are using AT&T & Verizon networks in this area.  So I can't exactly call out these companies in this area as easily.

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