6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Mobile Phone Signal

Since the mobile industry is very big and 5.13 billion people have a mobile phone which is 66.53 percent of the whole population, we see new technology developments every day. Mobile phones have become essential in our everyday living and they offer many different features, but they are primarily built for making and receiving calls and they require cellular service.

Unfortunately, not all people experience stable signals all over the world which makes things harder for them in order to communicate. Image you want to send a message, watch a video or bet online in the NFL matchups and you can’t because there is no connection.

It is extremely frustrating when you have to find a more stable signal to make/receive calls or connect to 4G where you have to wait to send something. Basically it is unacceptable to have weak connection in this day and age.

In this article, we are going to go through some of the ways that can help you boost your mobile phone signal. Most of them are pretty simple and yet very effective in order to strengthen your connection.

1.      Clear Objects in The Way

Of course, for every connection, there has to be a mobile phone tower where the device communicates and gets the required connections. Sometimes when you are surrounded with items it is hard to establish stable connections just because of the signal blockage. When people are going toward a window or raise their phones, basically they are trying to reduce the interface between the mobile tower and the device in question.

Try to remove any obstacles that interfere with your connection to the mobile phone tower, avoid standing beneath tall buildings and electronic and metal objects also have effect on your connection.

2.   Keep your Battery Full

Having enough juice is required in order for your phone to find a signal. Battery level is also very important for keeping a stable signal on your mobile. That is why you might experience cuts and glitches on calls when you have a low battery. You have to keep your devices charged all the time in order to boost your chance for establishing a stable network connection.

3.      Hold it The Right Way

Yes, even at these sophisticated times you can still block your antenna signal by holding your phone the wrong way. It seems like long time ago, but before smartphones all phones had external antennas which were a vital part of the device. Today, most smartphones have integrated an antenna which is becoming harder to indicate where your antenna is. There are some holding positions that can lower your signal, for example, when you hold your phone in landscape position, your hands can block the connection to your nearby antenna.

4.      Use Wi-Fi Connection

You can always use a Wi-Fi connection to make calls and also connect to the web. If you already have landline internet, you can use your Wi-Fi connection to help boost reception service. Most smartphones have this feature available and it is necessary when you live in low signal area.

5.      Get Mobile Phone Signal Booster

As in any network connection, there is a device that can boost your signal and reach a greater distance. Almost every mobile signal booster will connect to cellular signal no matter how weak, and boost it by 32 times. They require a separate article in order to explain how they work.

Most signal boosters are a piece of hardware or software that can connect to your home Wi-Fi and boost your cellular connection. Sometimes it might be a considerable investment for you, but also it might be your best bet in order to establish a stable cellular connection.

These are some of the methods to use in order to boost your mobile phone signal. Some places in the world are not covered by network antenna nearby so there is no chance of getting a connection. For those particular times, it is best if you use satellite phone connection. However, improving your home signal connection can be an easy process and drastically improve the quality of your calls.

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