How to Backup and Restore SMS Messages on an iPhone

recover iphone text messages

Backing up your messages is easy, and it has a range of benefits that you can unlock along the way. You can also track your messages and search through them when they’re archived. This is even more so important when you’re transitioning to a new phone and you don’t want to lose valuable conversations.
There are some simple strategies that you can follow to ensure that you’re not losing any of your precious messages. You can also reach out to Apple tech support at any time if you’re not sure, or work with a top iPhone screen repair company to help you get the backup that you need quickly.

Enabling iCloud storage

This is a key first step in ensuring that your SMS messages are being backed up. It’s important to have your iCloud backup enabled so that you can get started in the transition process. The best way to do so would be to tap “Settings” and visit “iCloud.” From there, you can tap on “Storage & Backup.

This will start backing up your content, including your text messages and any pertinent folders and files. If you have many different files and folders, then it may take longer for the entire backup to take place. You may also have to select through multiple options when backing up or delete a few files before issuing a backup.

Restoring on a new iPhone

If you’re restoring saved texts on a new iPhone, then it’s important to use the same Apple account. This will ensure that your data remains secure and that no other phone can use your account and read your texts. You can also enable settings on the new phone, and have your texts ported onto a fresh OS installation.

The initial guide, upon launch, will help you transfer your messages from the iCloud backup. This process may take some time, especially if you have thousands of archived texts and messages. It may even take longer if there are media files attached, as they too get stored upon backing up your messages.

Restoring on an existing device

In order to restore your SMS content on your existing phone, you need to erase current content on the device first. This will help you get a fresh installation in a secure manner. You can also use the backup file as an emergency save file, which can be ported onto the same phone if its memory gets wiped.

To get started, you need to go to “Settings,” and hit “General.” From there, you can go to “Reset” and tap “Erase All Content and Settings.” This will help you get started with a fresh install and a backup from the cloud can be regenerated.

Screenshot critical texts

This is one of the best strategies if you want to gain access to information right away. You can save time by screenshotting your texts and storing them on a local cloud-based device. This will help you keep a record of your important texts, if you may lose your phone.

You can also save these screenshots on your email if you have access to them via a desktop client. You should save these images in multiple email folders so that you can access them if you lose the password to one. Screenshots can also be accessed from any device, thereby allowing those outside the Apple ecosystem to gain access.
If, upon going through your messages, you notice that someone’s been texting you from a number similar to yours and are worried that you may have been hacked, then you can look them up using online portals. By leveraging services that help you find sms senders, you can get more details about the sender directly. This can help you in critical situations.

When it comes to backing up your phone, the process is fairly simple. It's always important to ensure all security protocols are taken to ensure your number and personal information aren't ever compromised in the process.

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