Can Smartphones Serve As Radar Detectors?

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We have all seen people in their vehicles get pulled over for speeding. Perhaps it may have even happened to you. We know that traffic cops park in blocked off areas and hide their cars so they cannot be seen from the road. Then they use radar guns to monitor the speed of vehicles traveling down the street secretly. It almost seems unfair for the cops to hide and watch us in the hopes of catching someone driving a little too fast. If you are fed up with searching for police while you drive, then you should consider purchasing a radar detector.

A radar detector is a device that can detect when a traffic cop’s radar gun is monitoring their vehicle for speed. If you use a radar detector whenever you are driving, you can discover cops before they have a chance to monitor your speed and slow down. This device keeps you from being pulled over for speeding and prevents you from getting speeding tickets. If you have a smartphone, then you can also turn your phone into a mini radar detector.

How to turn your smartphone into a radar detector
While smartphones cannot alone serve as a radar detector, if it is linked up to a quality antenna that can pick up radar signals, then it will work. If you purchase an antenna, then you should also purchase one of the many radar detecting apps on Android or Google Play. There are free radar detecting apps on the market, but they are of low quality and will eat up your battery. The apps that have a subscription are more likely to be reliable. A smartphone can receive radio signals, as that’s how it makes phone calls. But radio signals and radar gun signals are slightly different. When you purchase an antenna, the antenna enables your smartphone to pick up radar gun signals.

How the Uniden R3 can help you
If you cannot purchase a quality antenna for your smartphone, then you should consider purchasing a small but power radar detector. Some detectors, like the Uniden R3, are as little as a smartphone but powerful enough to detect long-range signals from radar guns. It also has voice alerts to make you aware of nearby signals without taking your eyes off the road.

 Its GPS technology maps out false starts, so it never will alert you again when you pass through the same area. It is equipped with an industry-leading long-range detector to warn you of range guns as soon and as far away as possible. It even has an internal database of all speeding cameras around your vehicles and will alert you to their presence. It is small and only weighs 1.4 pounds, so it can easily transfer to any other vehicles you use. Get to know the Uniden R3 more in a full review by Ratedradardetector.

Although it is vital to keep yourself safe from cops and prevent you from getting speeding tickets, we hope that you don’t speed too much. Speeding can be dangerous, especially on curving roads and in blind intersections. And remember that radar detectors can alert you to radar guns, but it cannot shield you from traffic cameras if you run a red light.

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