How to Solve Complex Business Problems

Problem-solving skills require intelligence, common, sense, education, and some patience to track down the problem to its roots. We use these skills daily and improve them. However, undertaking complex problem-solving such as tackling a persistent insoluble challenge in your business requires a more systematic approach. Figuring out the problem and attempting to solve it on your own is always going to add to your experience level and skills even if you are met with failure. Yet, it’s not the best approach to be taken for complicated challenges that face any growing organization. To understand more about complex business problems and how to solve them, here are some tips to consider.

Problem Definition

The first step is recognizing the problem, its root, and all its consequences. There is a big difference between complicated challenges and complex problems. Complex business problems are usually composed of different parts and layers. The word itself suggests its composition of many parts and its resistance against usual analysis. These problems are usually unpredictable in terms of their chain of causations and the right solutions that should be followed. With such problems, you need strong analytical skills to start breaking the problem into smaller problems. This will give you a chance to understand the different dimensions of the problem you are faced with from its symptoms, causes, and the extent of its effect on your business.

Structure of the Problem

Many people fall under the wrong impression that structured approaches for solving complex problems will stifle creativity. On the contrary, the implementation of organized and studied techniques should be your go to method to save you from wasting your mental capacity on the problem-solving process. This will clear problems out of your way and leave your business a chance to grow and flourish. Start by gathering sufficient data effectively, including workflow analysis, surveys, questionnaires, or any other data resources.

Explore Possible Options and Solutions

After you have managed to identify the problem and its different dimensions, you will be able to determine the best person to deal with it. However, it’s important to bear in mind that complex problems are rarely solved as a solo sport. It’s more helpful to start brainstorming the problem with the right team or people with expertise in this area. To achieve success while brainstorming you must start with exploring the problem without any past judgment. It’s also essential to encourage others to explore different solutions and out-of-the-box ideas without being judged. Thinking beyond the obvious will be more helpful when you are met with unconventional problems.

Solving complex business problems is an unavoidable part of the growth of any business in any industry. Most of the time, the challenges you will face are predominantly complicated. These can be solved through research, analysis, and logical thinking. The solutions to these problems are repeatable and can be applied in different situations and problems. Complex problems, on the other hand, are harder to analyze and consequently tougher to find solutions to. This is why seeking the help of experts and structured approaches are what make a difference in finding the right solution.

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