Offloading Cellular Data in the Wrong Direction

Are Consumers Offloading Cellular Data in the Wrong Direction?
The wireless telecom marketing machines have brainwashed the mainstream media into thinking that the term "offload" data is best for consumers.  I hate the term "offload" because it implies it's ok for YOU the customer to subsidize YOUR wireless operator's network deficiencies.  3G and 4G networks have hit the wall with consumers using too much data and WiFi is becoming the only solution to access video and rich content on your phone.  Mobile phone operators should be PAYING YOU or subsiding your data plan if you offload data away for them.  They should not be allowed to simply get away with this criminal marketing activity.

Sophisticated phone users know that WiFi-only phones and devices are best and use the 3G and 4G networks only if they have to.  It is now possible to easily travel in New Zealand, Europe and many other countries around the world without ever using a 2G or 3G network.  Making phone calls on WiFi with VoIP is very easy and accessing your data over WiFi is even easier.

Mobile consumer users should be offloading data TO 3G when WiFi is not available and not the other way around.  Why are wireless carriers AT&T and Verizon getting away with convincing their customers to offload their cellular 3G data they cannot handle without any compensation of subsidy.  Let's face it the carriers are starting to hit a wall with the amount of data capacity they can provide on their networks.  The wireless carriers' only solution is to start imposing data caps to encourage their own customers to use their service less while charging you more.  This doesn't make any sense and the reason a WiFi revolution is upon us and consumers need to start getting smart about where, when and why they access and use 3G and 4G networks.  Consumers are fed up with buying 3G and 4G devices that only work some of the time and would prefer to use more cost-effective WiFi-only iPads whenever possible.  WiFi-only iPads are selling more than 3G and there is a good reason why.  

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