How To Check For Cell Phone Coverage By Address

When it comes to choosing the best mobile operator, most people think of the Big Three. The Big Four are known as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile / Sprint.  However, but they should also include a number of other smaller MVNO carriers that use these major networks.    

All four networks are available in the US, with AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint each having their own LTE networks. According to paid studies most carriers will claim they have coverage everywhere but we know this is not true.  Coverage only matters at your home address and the only way to check this is by asking someone else in your area, trying it out, or by looking at coverage complaints submitted by customers on the cell phone coverage reviews map above or on the check cell coverage by address mobile map.     

check for cell phone coverage by address

You can search this map to see which areas have the worst overage on each of the four major networks in the United States. Use the small search circle in the lower left-hand corner of the map. This map allows you to filter coverage reviews of all major mobile networks by simply clicking on the carrier on the right-hand side of the map.     

Enter your country, city, postal code, home or office address select your current location, filter by carrier type and region, and select the best and worst coverage in your area for each of the four major networks in the United States. In this example, you choose one of four different types of mobile towers for the USA and specify a country.     

Use can other tools like RootMetrics, OpenSignal,, or SignalMap to see what others are reporting about the range of the operator in your area based on positive signal strength.  However, these providers do not allow you to provide reviews on carriers in specific locations.  There is also a map to look at cellular towers and antenna locations nearby.      

RootMetrics does not have a map of the mobile towers in the viewfinder, but in some areas, it shows the cell signal quality. Although Root Metrics does not have a map of mobile towers, it is a strong indicator of signal quality in your area.     

Note that all carrier coverage maps show the general area of coverage, but not specific cellular towers or antenna locations near you. All carrier coverage maps somewhat inform users about the type of coverage and signal quality you can expect based on the address you enter in the search bar, as well as the display of cellphones and transmission towers.     

T-Mobile Tower Map lets you enter your zip code, locate a location on the map, and see if 4G LTE coverage is available. Search for T-Mobile 5G coverage from your current location, and it's available in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.     

Sprint gives you the ability to look up any address you want and allows you to see the coverage that's in your location. To access the website you are using, such as T-Mobile Tower Map, first, enter your address in the search engine of our website. Go to our mobile phone comparison engine and check the coverage at your exact location, and you will begin to gain a better understanding of coverage at the sites you are using.

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