How To Get Cell Phone Service In A Dead Zone

It is hard to imagine that there are areas without cell phone reception in the US (insert sarcasm).  

A dead zone is usually a place where no mobile phone is available because the signal from the mobile phone or the antenna on the mobile side is usually blocked or greatly reduced. We commonly refer to areas where phones cannot be transmitted as the "dead zones."           

To avoid such antenna problems, you should increase your mobile phone reception by holding your phone in an upright position with an antenna or find an area outdoors with a weak signal and walk towards it. Cell boosters can help if used in areas where building materials are too close to a cell tower or building or building materials block the signal.     

Your carrier may also not have enough mobile towers near you. It is even worse if you live in a residential complex with a large number of mobile phone towers right next door. 

For many people living in areas blocked by strong cell signals, the situation in a dead zone could become a security risk. Dead zones are frustrating and can be scary, especially if you can't use your phone in an emergency due to a lack of cell signal.     

Finding the cause of a dead zone can help mobile phone companies improve the reception and coverage of mobile phones for their customers. is a crowdsourced database of areas where cell phone signals do not work.      

The installation of a DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) can help solve many problems in the dead zone of offices, and neighborhoods, but can also cause serious problems for mobile phone users.     

If switching network service providers is not an option or you cannot find a mobile operator that will provide good service in your new home, technical solutions are available to help you deal with poor reception. If you have conflicting signals or no signal at all, a microcell is better, but you need good reception somewhere close to it for this option to work. To have a stable signal in an accessible place, signal amplifiers for mobile phones are a better option. They are independent of the carriers and work with any mobile phone, and they work in almost any place where a strong signal is needed. 

If you are in an area with mobile phone reception, you may not be able to dial 911 in an emergency. So if you don't have access to a landline or Internet, or landline or Internet, and you're in a dead zone, a cell phone signal amplifier is a great device because it then sends the new signal to your home, office, or vehicle. Mobile phone boosters can also help improve the cell's signals so that users can receive a strong signal where it would not otherwise be available. 

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