Apple Might be Building a Google Search Competitor

IOS 14 iPhone Search Results Home Screen

The most noticeable improvement is the fact that when you type queries on the home screen, Apple is now displaying its own results in iOS 14. Furthermore, there seems to be a rise in Apple 's web crawler behavior. 

In iOS 14, Apple shows its own web search results and links directly to websites when users type queries from the home screen. The changes were noticed back in August, but the report claims they add to "growing evidence" that Apple is working to build a rival to Google search.

Here could be more of a chance as the U.S. The Department of Justice has sued Google for what it says is anticompetitive search conduct. This doesn't actually mean, however, that Apple and Google will soon be head-to-head in search, it may just be an indication that more search requests are received by Apple's Siri voice assistant. 

The operation of the Apple search crawler might signal a Google rival, or a bid to make Siri a one-stop shop. Apple is now displaying its own search results and connecting directly to websites as users type queries from its home screen in iOS 14.

By "search engine" we mean "a website that people type queries into" or we mean a voice assistant that, with its own sourcing, steps in to white-label web results. A powerful motivator for any competitor, no matter the space, is to cut down on the brand presence of a monster like Google on your own site. 

In the scenario where they are compelled to make a search provider option in the iOS onboarding flow by regulation, making Siri a one-stop shop could inoculate Apple. However, it won't do much to support Google, which pays billions to Apple because iOS users are worth much more to its company than any other mobile web users. For its part, Google notes that when people have a preference, they still want Google anyway. Perhaps another explanation why making Siri an overtalker's quest equivalent is the strong play for Apple.

In exchange for making Google the default search engine on its devices and services, Apple gets an estimated eight to 12 billion dollars every year. Prosecutors argue that the agreement is indicative of unlawful strategies used to safeguard the hegemony of Google and limit competition. Meanwhile, by acquiescing to the contract and obtaining more money through daily renegotiations, Apple is under fire for promoting anticompetitive conduct.

A big chunk of Apple 's revenue is threatened by legal action, but it is a greater danger for Google, which would appear to have no means of replacing the traffic it would lose. The New York Times has previously suggested that Apple may be forced by a split to acquire or develop its own competing search engine, but no hard evidence of such a move has yet been given.

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