What is CheapOAir & Is It Legit?

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What experiences have you had booking through CheapOAir? I am booking a flight and found the site is $100 cheaper than every other site including Kayak, Travelocity, Orbitz, and the airline's website. It sounds too good to be true?  Has anyone had any experience with the service?


Be mindful of the fact that you are buying tickets for consolidators. If you do not know what that means, you may want to do a Google search. With them, there is nothing wrong, but you should be an educated customer. When you book from a third party, read your ticket's terms and conditions carefully. You will normally pay additional fees that are not levied by the airlines. 

Perhaps the largest value with them right now would be their buy now, pay later tickets. If you want to buy a ticket after you are hoping Covid will end, a low deposit could help you minimize your financial loss, should the pandemic stretch out longer than planned for.

If you are inclined to change your own itinerary, Cheapo is not for you, because the fees are steep.

The only problem that came up is the same sort of problem you get with using most third-parties. When I missed my connecting flight due to a storm delay on my first flight, it was hell trying to talk to someone about getting a new flight and accommodations for the night since I didn't book through the airline. Still a cheap flight, though.

There were quite a few additional fees, buying checked bags, etc. that showed up as you completed the purchase that brought the price up.

What is CheapOAir?

CheapOair partners with more than 400 carriers, including Air France, Jet Blue, Spirit Airlines, and United Airlines. Comparing airline, hotel, or cruise options and booking them at your leisure is simple on the online travel platform.  Every fare comes with the price-match guarantee of CheapOair-if you find a cheaper price within 24 hours of booking for the very same itinerary, CheapOair matches it and refunds you the difference.

Signing up with CheapOair helps you to control your travel directly from your account, review previous transactions, and monitor flights. For every $1 spent, members will have the added advantage of collecting points, which can lead to discounts of up to 20 percent for flights and 55 percent on hotel bookings. 

Members can also gain points by recommending to friends and family members or by using a credit card from CheapOair, which can be used to earn points for regular transactions, flights, hotels, and car rentals. 

CheapOair lets you browse cheap flight offers through its online booking system at more than 30,000 domestic and foreign locations. To have discounted stays, the organization also partners with hotels, motels, and resorts. With Enterprise, Alamo, and Budget by CheapOair, you can get additional savings.

CheapOair's service rates start at $25 per ticket and extend on all domestic or international U.S. flights. Because of special circumstances, these fees can vary, including business and first-class airfares or fares for unaccompanied minors. The table below shows the most common service fees from CheapOair.

Here is more info on CheapOAir fees

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