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Ever since the arrival of smartwatches and fitness trackers, we are more than intrigued by the technology that is now so convenient that we can wear it. When you think of it, that tech allows you to monitor your home appliances with your voice; the next obvious development would have been a sunglass that could play radio, no? Well, that has happened, and a lot more. 

Today wearable tech is incredibly popular that even Amazon recently launched the wearable technology category on its website. Regardless of your needs and desires, today, thanks to technology's advancement, you can find a gadget that fits your need and is within your budget.


Here, in this article, we have a list of some of the best tech wearables that are genuinely worth wearing.   


Bose Frames Alto Audio Sunglasses


The Bose's audio sunglasses are indeed a revolution in itself. You can connect it with your smart devices via Bluetooth. These are chic and will play the songs you like, and just for your ears. It assures an immersive experience, which is not audible to the passers-by. The open-ear experience of Bose Sunglasses is what makes it so likable, says Daniel, who offers 'take my online class for meservices. But do you know what open-ear experience is? It means that you can listen to music, but you can simultaneously hear what is happening around you. 


To use it effortlessly, you will have to download the Bose application on your smartphone. Moreover, given the in-built microphone, the sunglass lets you answer calls from your smartphone via the Google Voice Assistant or Siri on your phone.  


Moreover, these sunglasses are Bose AR-enabled. Though it is a new platform, it will soon come as a new feature on your other Bose products. Using it, you will be able to explore different ways to exercise, travel, play, learn, and do a lot more, and that, too, with just your sunglasses. 


Fitbit Inspire


Anyone who enjoys wearing smartwatches and fitness trackers is well aware of the Fitbit trackers. They are today one of the most common wearable tech gadgets. Their Inspire HR comes with a minimalist and sleek design, which offers you what you expect from it. 


Some of the features of Fitbit Inspire include 24/7 heart rate monitoring and incredible Bluetooth capabilities. Further, there is a provision for you to effortlessly keep a tab on all the vital data and stats as the watch sync all the information to your smartphone. Rebecca, an algebra online tutor and a regular user of Fitbit Inspire says that she loves automatic training recognition, calories burned, sleep tracking, and step-tracking features of the wearable.


Elvie Double Breast Pump


Elvie's electric breast pump is a wearable that is a perfect pick for busy feeding moms on the go. It is a silent pump and does not yield sound. So, if you want to keep it discreet, the pump is your go-to device. You can pop it into your bra and go on with your day without any hassle. It employs Bluetooth connectivity and connects to a mobile app on your smartphone, which is free. Using the app, you can track your milk volume, pumping history, and even remotely control the pump functions.  


Neckband Wearable by Ear & Ear


As far as portability is concerned, there is no competition for the wireless Bluetooth speaker by the ace brand Ear and Ear. Owing to its ergonomic design, it is super comfortable. The neckband wearable wireless speaker employs 3D stereo sound quality that assures a supremely comfortable experience, which will you leave you with both your ears and hands-free, says Harris, who offers online macroeconomics homework help. Regardless of that, you will be able to enjoy crisp and rich sounds. 


With its 5.0 Bluetooth technology, the wearable neckband allows you to pair it with a compatible device of your choice without any wires and plugging in. The speaker comes with long eight-hour battery life with its robust lithium battery.


Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer


Every woman must have Elvie Trainer, says Michelle, who offers the best speed reading courses online. It is an incredible application towards women's health and is an award-winning trainer. The trainer is super easy to use and can be worn discreetly anytime and anywhere. 


It is one pebble-shaped product and is inserted into your body just like a tampon. You can wirelessly connect it to a compatible application on your mobile phone. You can find some good training sessions, personalized programs, and a few workout sessions that can help you work on your pelvic floor muscles in the app. 

As we age, a lot of women develop bladder issues. Thus, keeping your pelvic muscles in control can be super beneficial. It also helps you prepare better for pregnancy, improves your intimate health, and ensures a speedy postnatal recovery.


Lumafit Interactive Coach


As the training establishments and gyms are still shut, owing to the pandemic, the future of training and fitness might be a little more tech-based sooner than we know. Primarily, Lumafit is a personal trainer. It has a Lumafit sensor, which is lightweight and does not weigh more than 19 grams. So, you can easily slip into your pocket without feeling the weight. The Lumafit sensor is a real-time sensor, which works via Apple AirPlay devices, such as your iPad or phone. Furthermore, you will receive real-time feedback from your virtual training coach. With Lumafit's sensor technology, you will be able to track and monitor your fitness progress and goals.

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