How to Recover a Stolen Phone

We use our phones for everything. Our phones keep track of our appointments, store important information, and help us keep track of the world around us. If your phone has been stolen, then you probably feel like a major piece of your life is missing. Worse, your data is in danger of being used by the wrong people. 

Even if your phone has a passcode, it’s important to protect and recover your data as soon as possible. With Drivestrike, protecting that data is simple. Whether or not you have Drivestrike, though, here’s a guide that may help you recover your phone and protect your information. 

How to Recover Your Phone with Drivestrike 

If you have Drivestrike, issue a remote wipe immediately. This action will remove all of the data that can be used to steal your identity, harm your company, or perform any other threat. 

Next, is your phone a company resource? Does it contain company information? If so, notify your manager and IT team right away so that they can safeguard their data. 

After that, you should notify the police that your phone has been stolen. Use your Drivestrike account to access your phone’s location, and then let the police know where it is. You can also use Drivestrike to access helpful information like your phone’s serial number, which will aid the police even further. 

Finally, we recommend changing the passwords of any accounts that you used on your phone. This action can provide some protection in case your data was accessed before you performed the remote wipe. It doesn't fully guarantee protection, but it does decrease your chances of data theft. 

How to Recover Your Phone if You Don’t Have Drivestrike 

Without Drivestrike, recovering your phone and its data will be more complicated, but it’s not impossible. 

First, if you’ve stored usernames and passwords in your phone, change those usernames and passwords immediately to protect your data, and implement two-factor authentication whenever possible. 

Next, if your phone was issued by your company, or if your phone contains company information, let your manager and IT team know that the phone was stolen. 

Now, if you have any information about your phone, including details like the make, model, and serial number, keep those details in mind. You can use that information when you contact the police. If you don’t have that information, contact your phone carrier. They can provide the information and disable your phone remotely. 

Now that you have the information you need, consider the details of the theft. When and where do you think your phone was stolen? This information will give the police a general idea of how they might recover your phone. For instance, if you think that your phone was stolen in a place with security cameras, the police may access those cameras to get a description of the thief. 

Finally, you can check eBay and local pawn shops to see if the thief has attempted to sell your phone. 

Use Drivestrike in Case of Phone Theft 

It’s difficult but not impossible to install Drivestrike on a stolen phone. We may be able to entice the thief to install Drivestrike under a different name. If we’re successful, we can remotely wipe the data from the phone and determine its location. 

Once your phone has been recovered, or once you get a new one, we recommend installing Drivestrike on your device. Drivestrike protects your important data in case of theft or loss, and it’s available for less than $1 per device per month when protecting multiple devices. 

Please contact Drivestrike if we can help you during this time. Phone loss is a stressful situation, and our team is here to help. 

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