Most Popular Smartphone Applications

The World’s Most Used Cell Phone Apps

The World’s Most Used Cell Phone Apps

Cell phone apps have no doubt changed the way we communicate, work, and go about our daily lives. While social media and gaming apps are some of the most popular around, we also use applications to find a date, navigate to a new destination, set tasks and reminders, and listen to music. But just what apps are we using the most? Let’s take a closer look:


Over the past year, when the world has been thrust into chaos and many businesses have had to rely on employees working from home, Zoom has become one of the most frequently downloaded mobile applications. The app allows users to make video conferencing calls to friends, family and colleagues and is also being used by many for the streaming of conferences and webinars.


Despite the influx of a range of new social media channels such as TikTok and Instagram, Facebook remains the most downloaded and used social media application. Users on Facebook can not only post about their daily ongoings but also connect to friends and families, join groups that share likeminded interests, or even sell and buy gadgets, gear and home products through the Marketplace feature. Alongside Facebook, Facebook’s Messenger also makes it into the list of the top 5 downloaded apps in the world.

The Facebook owned Instagram is a picture and video centric social media platform that is the second most popular cell phone application in the world.

Some of the other most popular social media applications include Snapchat and Twitter.


WhatsApp remains the most popular chat application in the world. This despite a recent change to their privacy policy which caused an uproar around the globe and caused many to move their chat services to competitors such as Telegram. The app allows users to freely chat, call and connect with contacts on a global level using the internet or mobile data. Its video call, emoji, status and chat deletion features are some of the reasons why WhatsApp remains so popular with users.


Uber is the world’s most popular cab hiring and ride sharing application available for smart phones. The app offers users a safe, convenient, and cost-effective solution for hailing a ride, no matter where they are in the world. The app is location based and works on most cell phone devices that have GPS enabled. Uber has also created a whole industry that rivals traditionally set up taxi services in cities around the world and it means you can play at Black Lotus Casino while you get driven to your destination.

UC Browser

UC Browser is the world’s dominating mobile browser application. The web browser was developed by UCWeb and is one of the most popular mobile browsers, particularly in China and Indonesia. It has a simple interface that pairs well with any phone, allowing users to easily surf the web, download content and watch videos. It is also comes with a built in ad-blocker which is one of the reasons why it is so popular and is available in a mini version which is suitable for devices with low memory.

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