What Causes Poor Cell Phone Reception?

reasons for poor indoor cell reception

The Main Causes Of Poor Cell Phone Reception

There is nothing worse than moving to a new place only to discover you only have one single bar of cell phone coverage. You’re not getting any signal, your calls get dropped or simply don’t come through, downloads are achingly slow, all the meanwhile you’re busy handing over your hard-earned money to pay your monthly cell phone bill. If you’re thinking about moving your home or office to a new location, cell phone coverage may be something you want to check out before you do.

Here are some of the main causes of poor cell phone reception:

Several factors come into play when it comes to cell phone reception. While some of these factors, like weather, can cause intermittent issues with coverage, others will consistently affect coverage. One of the main factors is the distance of your home from a cell phone tower, and what topographical challenges lie in between such as forests, hills, mountains, and valleys. Obviously, the more rural the area is the less likely you are to get great coverage but even in cities, other buildings, or trees can also block coverage. The construction material of your home or office will also come into play with certain materials like brick, metal and super thick walls hampering cell coverage as well.

In cities, congested towers can also cause poor cell phone coverage as many users try and access the tower at one time. It’s worth looking into the number of towers in your specific area as well as plans for new towers, particularly if you are in a developing area where the population is due to increase in the future.

What can you do about poor cell phone coverage

If you’ve already made the move only to discover that the cell phone coverage isn’t living up to your expectations, there are a few things you can do. While you could wait for your network provider to magically solve all of your issues, this could be a long and very frustrating process. Another option is to invest in a cell phone signal booster.

Cell phone signal boosters work just as the name sounds – they help to boost weak cell phone signals. You can get cell phone signal boosters for your home, car, RV or even your boat. Also known as an amplifier or repeater, these devices use an antenna to receive and transmit signals at an increased level of power and sensitivity than you would get merely by using your device by itself.

Cell phone signal boosters can work even in the most remote of places so you can access real money pokies wherever you go. They amplify the signal and cut out the connectivity issues caused by natural obstructions and distance. The use of a booster can help make your calls clearer, allow for faster internet browsing and ensure that a call is never dropped again. A boosted connection can also help improve your cell phone’s battery life as your phone doesn’t waste power and energy on a constant search for a stronger signal.

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