Smartphones And Their Usage In America

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Interesting Facts About Smartphone Usage In The United States

Just like in the rest of the world, smartphones are an integral part of daily life in the United States. Smartphones influence the way people communicate, research, and share information in both their personal and professional capacity. Recently, the Pew Research Center, has conducted some surveys to determine just how people in the United States are using their phones. Here are some interesting findings from their reports:

1. 77% of Americans own a cell phone

Three-quarters of adults living in the United States own a cell phone. This figure is up from just 35% in 2011. What this means is that the mobile phone has been one of the most adopted forms of technology in recent history. As expected, the younger generation is much more likely to own a cell phone, with 92% of adults aged between 18 and 29 years old owning a device. In addition, 51% of homes with young adults include three or more devices. Of the adults aged 65 and older on the other hand, only 42% own a mobile phone.

2. Diverse mobile phone usage

Most Americans use their phones for more than just calling and messaging. Common cell phone usage includes accessing emails, social networking, taking pictures or video, checking news, watching videos, playing games, navigating with maps, playing online Blackjack and listening to music or podcasts.

28% of mobile phone users in the States have used their devices to look for a job, while 9% have used their device to try and find a partner on a mobile dating app. In addition, a large percentage of users also use their phones to read e-books, while 62% of Americans have used their phone to get information about a health condition. 51% of users also report using their smartphone to shop online, while 45% have used their device to look up reviews about a purchase they want to make. In addition, 57% of smartphone users in the United States have used their device for online banking, 44% have looked for a place to live using their phone and 40% have used their phone to search for government services of information.

3.  A growing reliance on smartphones

Studies show that there has been a growing reliance on smartphones in the United States. 12% of Americans rely on their smartphone only to access the internet. This is particularly the case with lower-income families. 55% of Americans also subscribe to news alerts on their phones, while 30% have attended an educational course using their phone. 89% of American phone users also said they have used their phones in a social setting.

However, despite this growing reliance on phones, 28% of Americans do not use the safety devices on their phones, such as screen lock. Also, 14% of users say they never update their phone, while 40% say they only do updates when it is convenient for them. 46% of smartphone owners also believed that if necessary, their device is something they could live without. 

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