T-Mobile's Domestic Roaming Partner Map Is Not Always Accurate

T-Mobile Domestic Roaming Partner Map

Why is my phone on T-Mobile Domestic roaming when the coverage map says I'm in an LTE area?

Recently, I've been testing out the latest Connect Prepaid plan ($15 / mo). It says that I should get LTE in my place, according to the coverage map, but my phone is on an "edge" network with domestic data roaming for some reason. Since domestic roaming data is capped at 100 MB, this makes the plan almost useless. 

I've tried to ask for this on the phone and speak with customer service, but everyone just points to each other and so far has no useful assistance. 

Might this be that some other networks are being used for Prepaid Connect? Or does it look like my phone is the problem that's causing it? I would appreciate some feedback on this.

When traveling / road tripping, I have run into the same experience. Before the ride, I checked the map and everything at my destination was supposed to be late. Though I was wondering once I got there and never reached that LTE that was supposed to be there.

Why is my phone on T-Mobile Domesting roaming when the coverage map says I'm in LTE area? from r/tmobile

According to T-Mobile: 

When traveling outside of T-Mobile's U.S. network areas, when you have data roaming allowed, your phone automatically switches to use one of our wireless network partners where possible.

To give our customers connectivity outside of our network, T-Mobile coordinates with these partners. For this service, T-Mobile does not charge an extra fee, but since we do not own these networks, there are data access limits. 

There might be occasions when, even when you are inside the T-Mobile coverage area, your computer still tries to roam on another U.S. wireless network. If you'd like to restrict this, try the tips below to reduce the use of data.

How to know if you're roaming domestically

Going into the phone settings and searching for the cell network or phone status choices is the easiest way to see your active network. The process varies by computer, and in your user guide, you will find it. 

You will receive free usage notifications via text message while roaming on these networks to warn you while you access/reach your available domestic roaming data. 

To decide whether your destination is within a T-Mobile or partner network location, you can check the T-Mobile coverage map prior to traveling.

What happens when your domestic roaming data is used?

Domestic roaming data is not charged by T-Mobile. To warn you when you near the end of the domestic roaming data available for that location, you will receive a free usage warning via text message, and a second warning when you hit it. 

Your data services may not be available until you return to a T-Mobile coverage area or until your next bill cycle until you have used all of your domestic roaming data in a billing cycle. 

You can always connect to Wi-Fi to access the Internet when roaming if you have a Wi-Fi-capable unit. 

You can call 611 from your T-Mobile number if you would like to ask about other options, or call T-Mobile Customer Service at 1-800-937-8997.

See this T-Mobile coverage map review in your area.  

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