Guide to Hiring iOS App Developers in 2021

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Every month thousands of new apps launch on the app store and the competition for iOS apps is fierce. To build an app that is unique, consistent, and impressive, it is important to trust the right development team with your project. An app owner needs to carefully consider their options and hire iOS developers that can successfully develop their app just as they envision it to be.

Here’s a complete guide for hiring iOS developers in 2021 that you should follow if you want to launch your app successfully.

4 Core Skills for iOS App Development in 2021

In today’s technology landscape, skills and trends for iOS development become obsolete frequently with the introduction of newer updates, frameworks, and languages. Therefore, before you consider hiring iOS developers for your project, you need to understand some core skills and the latest trends in developing apps for iPhones. This knowledge will help you in hiring the best iOS developers for your project.

Here are the 4 core skills you should look for in iOS developers:

1. Swift and Objective-C

Swift is the basis of the entire iOS development model. It is a powerful programming language made by Apple to write applications for all of its operating systems (i.e., iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS). Swift is a newer language and it uses all the cutting-edge features out there. An iOS developer today should have experience in writing applications in Swift and when hiring, you must look for development teams or individuals who have experience in developing a wide range of iOS apps using Swift. Additionally, iOS developers should also have experience of Objective-C – an object-oriented programming language supported by Apple’s older software.

2. SwiftUI and UIKit

While Swift is a programming language, SwiftUI is a framework built on top of it to provide developers with the tools to create apps. iOS developers need experience with both Swift and SwiftUI to develop intuitive and impactful mobile applications. Similarly, UIKit is another similar front-end framework suited for Objective-C and iOS should have experience working with it. However, since Swift and SwiftUI are both newer technologies, these are important skills to consider when hiring developers.

3. Networking and Data

Networking and working with data are a major part of the iOS development process. It refers to the applications ability to fetch data from or send data to a server and process it to information on the app. Ideally, iOS developers should have extensive experience of working with the latest networking and data management technologies.

4. Version Control

Although version control is not a part of the coding process, it is still an essential skill for developers. Version control, also known as source control, allows the developers to revert to older versions of the application or recover lost data in case of a mistake or oversight in the code. Git and Xcode are some must-have basic skills for the iOS developers you choose for your project.

These are the 4 core skills needed for iOS development. This is not a complete list of what the development process entails and the stages of development that the application goes through. But these are some important things to consider when searching for iOS app development services providers.

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How to Hire iOS App Developers for your Project

With a basic understanding of core skills and technologies, the process of hiring app developers for your iOS project can be easy and stress-free. Following are the three main ways to hire developers for iOS app development and each method has its benefits and drawbacks that we will shed light on.

Hiring Freelance Developers

The freelance industry is popular for software development, there are many forums like Freelancer and Fiverr where individual developers offer their services. It might be the first choice that you think of when you look for hiring developers. It is an appealing option for app owners because of the low cost of development. Freelance developers are not only cost-effective but you also have a wide pool of resources to choose from.

However, the drawbacks of hiring freelance developers outweigh its benefits. As an app owner, you will have to manage the freelance developers on your own which can be challenging for you. There is a high risk involved and a greater chance of things going wrong. For instance, the developers might abandon your project midway or not offer post-development maintenance and support. There is also a possibility of having a communication and language barrier with the developers.

Recruiting an In-house Team of iOS Developers

Another option is to recruit an in-house development team. This would entail searching and recruiting development resources as your employees. Having an in-house team gives you complete control over the developers and the application development process. With face-to-face interactions with your in-house team, you can eliminate any communication and language barrier that you may face with the option of freelance developers.

However, in-house teams are expensive to hire and manage. Other than the salaries of your development team’s members, you will have to face additional expenses such as the cost of office, furniture, employment benefits, and software licenses. The process of searching for the right resources can be challenging and time-consuming.

Partnering with an iOS App Development Company

The third and most ideal option for app owners is to partner with an iPhone app development company. This way, you can leverage the expertise of a company that has extensive experience in developing iOS applications, and have their professional developers turn your idea into a working application.

This is a low-risk and comparatively cost-effective option for app owners. There are a large number of companies that offer custom development services to businesses and startups. Clutch, Manifest and GoodFirms are some platforms where you can find a database of software companies and you can easily find an iPhone application development company that suits your budget and project requirements.

Most app development companies that are located offshore allow clients to keep in touch with the team 24/7 to work around time zone differences. Companies also take the responsibility of project management and ensure the successful completion of the project. This means you do not have to worry about managing the team and tracking their progress. Instead, you can spend your time on other important things like the marketing and branding of your iOS app.

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