Don't Forget To Check Your Coverage Before Leave For Vacation

Cell Phone Reception on a Lake?

You're absolutely right! Checking your coverage before leaving for vacation is a good idea to ensure you have reliable network connectivity at your destination. Here are a few steps you can follow to check your coverage:

Visit your mobile network provider's website: Go to the website of your mobile network provider and look for a coverage map or a section dedicated to checking coverage. Many providers have online tools that allow you to enter your location or destination and view the available coverage.

Use coverage map tools: There are independent websites and apps that provide coverage maps for various mobile network providers. These tools can help you determine the expected coverage quality and strength in your destination area.

Contact your network provider: If you're unable to find the necessary information online or want to confirm specific details, consider contacting your mobile network provider's customer service. They can provide insights on coverage, signal strength, and any potential roaming charges or restrictions that may apply.

By checking your coverage beforehand, you can be better prepared for any potential connectivity needs during your vacation.

It is amazing how many people are searching to see if they might have cell phone coverage in areas they are vacationing this summer.  If you are headed to the lake, mountains, or desert it is probably a good idea to see if your destination has cell phone reception.  We see daily searches on for locations like Yosemite, Tahoe, Lake Powell, Aspen.   

We launched a new map recently that will show you cell phone towers in the area as well.  We recommend that you check this map side by side with our dead zones complaint map.  This should give you an idea of who has coverage in the area or NOT.  

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