Why Does Gmail Think Every Email is Spam?

 gmail spam filter

I wake up every day to hundreds of emails in my spam filter.  Most are definitely spam but there are usually a handful of emails from people not in my contacts that I would like to read.  Where are the options to filter fewer emails in my spam filter?  

I have a real problem with how the big companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter are censoring and removing posts and this is just another example of how the big tech companies are doing everyone a major disservice.  If you are a huge company and have domain credibility then your emails automatically get through.  Is this fair?  Will the government regulators do anything about this scam?  No. 

Sadly, the tech world has become a pay-to-play universe and bigger is better according to all of the bureaucrats and regulators.  I look at these companies as too big for the public good.  Unfortunately, we are on a path similar to the financial disservices industry where they will screw everything up in tech.  Yes, not everything is bad about them but the majority of what these companies are doing today is based on the influence of money and not the public good. 

Does the FCC regulate or do anything about SPAM phone calls?  Not really we get tons of spam phone calls daily.   There are ways to prevent spam phone calls but do they even work?  Are spam phone calls driving you insane

If you are small and are trying to send emails to people you don't know you are screwed and your email is likely to go into a spam folder.  Don't waste your time! 

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